FAQ on Solar System:

Can you DIY a solar system on your roof top?

In theory yes, you can do it by yourself if you are not thinking to obtain net metering. If you want to sale your solar generations back to BC hydro then you will need to have your system installed properly. Properly here we mean apply and obtain all permits before installation starts and pass all inspection upon completion in order to connect to BC hydro.

Most cities in Canada will require you to have a building permit in place before you start the installation; therefore, it is recommended that you check with your local city hall before installation if you are DIY your own system.

How long is your system warranty?

We provide worry free 20 years of system warranty plus 5 years of workmanship warranty.

How do you make sure the system is working properly?

We provide 3 years of remote monitoring to ensure power generation up to expectation. In addition, we provide 3 years of periodic maintenance service to make sure system functionality checks up.  Not only that, we will generate a monthly power report to keep you updated.

Does the solar panels need to be cleaned?

Just like your sun roof or window, solar panels needs to be cleaned periodically to ensure optimized performance. Even though solar panel surfaces are specially treated to avoid dusk and other air particles from sticking on but it is still advised to be maintained periodically.


How do you clean the panels, can system owners do it ourselves?

In our warranty agreement, we will provide 3 years of periodic maintenance service to make sure system functionality checks up. This includes two times a year of system cleaning. We do not advise you to clean it yourself without proper training. The reasons are: First, the system is connected to the grid and you will be risking yourself to electrical shock if you temper with the active connections; Second, the system is on the rooftop you will be risking yourself from falling; Third, solar panels surfaces are specially treated, therefore, using improper cleaning solution might damage the surface coating on the panels.

What happens when there is heavy snow that covered up the solar panel, will the system still generate power?

When solar panels are completed covered by snow, no power will be generated.  However, when portion of the panel are not covered by snow, the panel will start generating power. Once it started, the panel gradually warms up and will eventually melt the snow covering other parts.  There is another solution for areas with super heavy snow fall, that is to install bi-facial module.  Bi-facial module can generate power from both sides.  This means when one side is covered in snow the other side facing down can absorb sun-light reflecting from the ground to generate power. And eventually, the entire panel warms up and melt snow covering.


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FAQ on Solar Equipment:

How long is your solar panel warranty?

We provide 10 years of product warranty and 25 years linear power output warranty.