Solar System Solutions

System of all sizes. We have years of experiences designing system for residential, commercial and industrial. We will start from initial discussion with you and a site assessment to understand what you want, follow by a comprehensive proposal outline potential energy yield, estimate a total cost and of course your return of investment schedule.

Solar Panels & Components

The heart and soul of a solar system are the panels and inverters. We carry variety of equipments from different manufacturers. We have direct sourcing network to the manufacturer to ensure you will get the best quality at a bargain price. We not only sale individual system equipment, we also do whole sale.

EV Car Charger Solutions

Teamed up with electricians experienced in both commercial and residential area, we are able to offer you professional electric vehicle car charger installation services.  Not only we have done simple single dwelling houses project we also have handled more complex apartment and townhouse projects.

Solar Finance / Flexible Options

We know in everyone's heart want to go green and contribute to a greener earth.  We also know how hard it is to invest in something that takes a few years to start seeing the returns.  With backing from financial insituations, we are offering flexible financing options that will suit your needs no matter what your desire system sizes are.